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 Welcome to the Inca Healing Power Seminar website !

What do we offer ?
To Teach You a Unique Healing Modality, known by very few, not taught outside of Peru, complete with manual, instructional DVD, Certification which allows for practicing, meals / beverages and sleeping accomodations as mentioned below.
Seminars need to have at least 20 participants for which we will travel to teach World Wide.
What do we teach ?
An Ancient Inca Healing System that is fairly unknown and is not taught but in Peru.
Who can participate in the Seminar ?
To participate you need to be over 18 years of age, and be a practitioner in the Holistic Field.
Further it is required to not be under psychiatric medication or the use of mind altering drugs.
What does the Seminar consist of ?
The  Inca Healing Power Seminar consists of 15 hours in group participation, during which the theory and practical work of this healing modality will be instructed in a professional manner.
The Seminar starts with dinner on the first day, followed by 3 hours groupwork, and ends after the exams on the last day.
The second day you will receive the Manual for the Seminar, and have 6 hours of teaching and practicing with and on your fellow students.
The third day you will receive 4 hours of teaching, your Exams (2 hours), your Certificate, and the Instructional DVD.
During the whole Seminar all meals and beverages are included from dinner on the first day till coffeebreak before the examination on the last day. Meals will be vegetarian ! and beverages will be (herbal) tea, coffee, water, juices.
Use of alcohol during the Seminar is not allowed.
Also sleeping accomodations are included in the Seminar.
Seminar fee.
The fee for the complete Inca Healing Power Seminar is €350 (euroos). 
This is approximately equal to USA $485, CAN $540, AUS $535, GBP290.
Payments will be received through Paypal. Pls transfer in Euroos.
If you don't have a paypal account you can still make the payment using a creditcard or direct banking.
After Paypal and your registration form have been received you will be sent an email with confirmation of your participation in the Inca Healing Power Seminar.
Free participation !!
Any host who helps us to sign up minimum 20 participants in their area, and find good accomodations for the Inca Healing Power Seminar will participate for free !


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